October 2, 2023

Online slot machine RTP (return to player percentage) knowledge is crucial

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Is it worth it to play a slot machine online just because it seems fun? If you don’t fully understand the RTPs, you can’t hope to make the right decisions.

Online slot games’ reels and symbols are only the beginning. Every game is based on a mathematical formula that determines how much money is returned to the player, thus it’s important to have some background knowledge of return to player, or RTP, scores.

Close inspection of every online slot machine will reveal that its inner workings and possible win rate differ from those of its rivals.

The frequency with which you may win prizes and the awards connected with the different games will vary depending on the specific slot machine you play.

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To understand what the numbers and percentages really indicate, you need to have a good grasp on the concept of rtp slot sso77.

Just what does RTP mean?

There is a theoretical return to player (RTP) percentage attached to every online slots game you play. When presented as a percentage, this number approximates the sum you may hope to amass over time.

For example, if a slot machine’s return-to-player percentage was 98 percent, players may hope to win £98 for every £100 they bet.

The truth is that you can’t always expect a positive outcome. Since RTPs are determined using an infinite sample size, it’s quite unlikely that a player who wagers the maximum allowed amount of £100 in a single session can win anything close to £98.

Even though you can’t keep playing forever, that fact is included into the computations. When compared to the house advantage in other casino games like baccarat and blackjack, the return to player percentage (RTP) of a slot machine is quite low.

Since game creators can’t account for each player’s session individually, casino games’ maths has to be based on an average over a longer period of time. When a game’s RTP is set at 98 cents, it means the developers anticipate a return rate of 98 percent over the long run.

If thousands of players’ results were evaluated over a long period of time, it is reasonable to expect to discover a payout percentage of 98 cents.

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Not everything will live up to expectations

What makes sense on paper doesn’t always match up with the expected return on investment when you look at a graph of mahjong 77.

For instance, if a slot machine has a 98% RTP and you bet £100 on it and win £150, the very next time you play it, you may lose £60. Variance refers to this naturally occurring occurrence throughout the procedure.

However, if thousands of outcomes were gathered and plotted, it would be clear that they converged towards the expected return over time (RTP). The high degree of volatility in the RTP makes it impossible to create a reliable prediction of how your session will go based on it.


You would always choose the slot machine with the better return to player percentage if given the option between two identical machines, one paying 98% and the other paying 88%. You could win more money playing the second choice a hundred times in a row, but over the long run, it’s more likely that you’ll win more money playing the first option.